Öncüoğlu & ACP Architects

Last week, our university hosted Enis Öncüoğlu via Career Leadership Program which bring students and role-model professionals together to enable them in observing the differences and visions on their career targets. This week’s guest on our Career Pioneers Talk was Enis Öncüoğlu who is the owner of Öncüoğlu + ACP Architects. He basically focused on the importance of foreign language in order to have rich contact with the global world. Additionally, following the technological development and involving competitions have critical importance to gain architectural language. He suggested us to think about the starting point of our ideas and our current status, therefore it helps to encourage ourselves. Moreover, in order to gain organisational and communicational skills, working with global companies and travelling are constitutive as well.

With the light of all those statements, it was great opportunity to get to know one of the well-known architects in order to understand and analyse today’s essentials and necessities about architectural range.

These are the several examples about their works.

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MuiscArch’15 // International Architecture Students Workshop

First of all, with a shame, I had no idea about those international workshop before I applied. The reason behind my mind for  consulting is to observe and analyse İstanbul in architectural manner and meeting architecture students all around the world. However, there were more!
This organization was the one of the most fantastic memories of my architectural education life, therefore I waited to share my experiences in a leisure time.

The workshop, – Perceive the City- , aims to the visible and non-visible layers of this continuous physical, social, economical and political transformations on the city through urban experiences of its participants. I was excited to fresh meet the urban concept issues besides having no information about urban design. Therefore, it provided opportunity for me to observe urban analysis.

There were 50 foreign and 10 Turkish architecture students, thus we have 10 groups which stipulate to generate group by 6 different countries. All groups had to reconsider the topics such as Image of the City ( urban perception, urbanites, mental maps) , Glocal ( globalisation, localisation) , Memory ( Collective and Urban memory) , Intra-Urban Boundaries ( Abstract and Concrete Borders,  Social and Spatial Segretiation/ Exclusion) , Transformation ( Urban voids, Squares, Routes, Points of Dispersion). Therefore, all groups focused on those concepts with regarding the same map, Beyoğlu.

The first thing It attracted my attention is that all student use the computer programs fluently and rapid. Revit, Adobe Premiere, Maya and Rhinoceros are the common and mostly used programs which I observed. Then I shocked about neatness of all students, especially boys. (One of the my group friend get angry because I cut the tracing paper with ruler instead of using xacto knife 🙂 Most of the students have over-responsibility, they stayed up all night for each project even if there is no grade, jury or evaluation. The only consideration is to take advantage of fantastic creative atmosphere and enjoy the project.

All those were the cheery experience for me to improve myself and observe where I stand. Final thing is, those architecture students are really aware of those international workshops, all are really nice advantage because the organisations provide all accommodation, meals, transportations. You have a chance to recognise city in terms of architectural properties without any payment.

Organisation committee is still share those international workshops around the world, I will also share with you.


David Green // Science and Healthcare Districts as Economic and Intellectual Engines of Today’s Cities

Our university was hosted Perkins+Will ‘s Urban Design Leader, David GreenDavid Green focuses on large-scale urban design and planning projects for the firm. He has been involved in the execution of hundreds of projects in the past 20 years ranging from the adaptive of multiple historic structures to multi-thousand urban design and planning projects. His work and research focuses on issues of development, particularly within an urban and the creation of a strategy for sustainable cities that includes aspects of public policy implementation, criteria for implementation of development controls as well as strategic infrastructure implementation.*

He started to her presentation by mentioning history of city planning. In that point, question is “how we divide our land is important than what we do with it.” Size, shape, orientation, zoning, use for changing are still valid for that concept and refer to division according to its function.

Moreover, one of the significant topic is city and its directly effect on health. According to the researches, physical environment and socio-economic factors directly affect our health as fifty percent. By regarding regulation and orientation to get healthy organisation, The Research Triangle Park in North Caroline is one of the substantial example of it.



While regenerating urban project, some topics should be conceived according to David Green’s explanation such as;

-Adding value to the area

-Protect historical urban fabric

-Establish a mix of active uses

-Preserve district character




Beyond exception, presentation was designed and prepared perfectly. Whole speech and presentation could be really professional example to observe the presentation techniques and speech details besides the urban ideas and developments.


Retrieved from http://perkinswill.com/people/david-green