Erimtan Archeology & Art Museum

Hello there!

These are the first impression shots of Erimtan Archeology & Art Museum, Ankara. By persuading friends in order to organise a architectural trip / Ulus, one of the our stations was the Erimtan Museum.
Since I keep abreast of the design process and the detail knowledges about museum, it was really nice to observe and reconsider all. Museum has a common language of the Ankara Castle in terms of material on façades in order to have dialogue with its environment.

Museum aims to have more closer relationship with the visitors by involving them the design details. Moreover, I appreciate the museum’s organisations to keep the museum alive. There will be education programmes for children and adults,and short-term exhibitions . Murat Germen and Sarkis is standing in line!

I hope the museum itself will be one of the social face of city like Cermodern or İstanbul Modern where citizens use frequently. Waiting the organizations.