Site Analyse // Anatolian Organized Industrial Zone

A couple of weeks ago, to observe the characteristics of site and structure analysis, we went to Anatolian Organized Industrial Zone with our lecturer and one of the architects of that structure, Onur YÜNCÜ. By regarding our last lectures Arch101, 102 and 201 & 241, we could observe the field-structure relations and how field affect the whole structure’s arrangement in site.

That project also a well-defined example of client-architect relation in terms of indicating specific territory. Due to the client’s demanding as a natural-warm structure, material usage was changed according to that requirement. To compose whole structure, wood is used by showing an alteration in different parts, even benches.

Design process showed itself in the rhythmic parts of the structure such as the proportions of windows, walls, terrace’s roof arrangement, &briefly everywhere. The most excited part is to maintain the borders of the door with the wooden elements and then it defines the boundary of hallway.

Moreover, for structural analysis,  the main part of the structural system is called combined trusses with the scissoring. Those structural elements provide the larger opening between the two borders. Therefore, spaces are controlled with the structural system. In some parts, it defines the frame of the space and creates a rhythm with a composition. Structural system was composed of reinforced concrete posts and timber beam.

Additionally, other definition which we have just learned is the dilatation. In the longer structural system, due to the prevent the disadvantages of level differences, structure was separated with approximately 5 centimetre openings, then its covered by structural elements.