Accordeon Drawing Sketchcards_3 // Landscape

Objective & keywords : spatial concepts & organisation, spatial connections & interactions & interferences, architectural elements, architectural tectonics, house, diagram, generic frame.

This time, our aim is to analyse in & out relations by concerning landscape and its properties. Each has unique design and solutions for itself, landscape circumstances were used as a part of design which contributes.

I was especially interested in Diller Scofidio + Renfro’s NY High Line which constructed in/on 1.45 mile long abandoned railway. Old & desolated structure transformed hyper-social public space. Design touches such as lifted benches bring about intimate spaces with consistent way in whole structure.

Pre-Prejury Model + Design Idea // Arch202

General aim is to design a structure for industrial designer with indicated landscape, challenging environment, limited light circumstances, and circulation | movement problems on traffic/road.

In terms of design idea, started with indicating basic unit to develop the next step. All structure consists of variations of that basic unit with extensions of it. By shifting those units, aim is to obtain multi-purpose open air spaces so that users feel more comfortable in negative circumstances.

Regarding jury critics, dominancy of space is still valid to consider relations of spaces and circulation graphic of it. Interconnections and movement path should be more comprehensible and detailed to get coherence. Significance of circulation elements such as stair and ramp were highlighted as well. Transparency of spaces vary according to characteristic of spaces and its intended purpose.