INTERLOCKING / Final Project / Arch 101- Basics of Design

After a whole process, we did our modals according to our rules and also basics of merged/ dissolved planes. In terms of obtaining dissolved modals, we used cutting, extension, folding, alignment, and such. By using our rules which we designed, we got our final modals eventually. While jury members were evaluating us, we tried to express our ideas and also the methods which we followed.

Thematic Photo Essay / Arch111

Thematic Photo Essay / Arch111

In this assignment, we tried to focus on textural differentiations, light and shadow qualities and combining both by reflecting our analysis according to the given theme. I divided my digital poster as two parts which refer to regularity and differentiation of angular textures. Although my photograph’s shapes are rectangular or square, I divided like a stairway. Additionally, background’s colors are taken from my black and white photographs. The reason why cause of using like two ”L” is to create a balance between two groups due to the same topic.

And here, there is a result.

(These photographs are taken in Cermodern, Mimarlar Derneği 1927, even my garden 🙂 )

First Digital Poster / Arch121 & Arch111 / Week 4

First Digital Poster / Arch121 &  Arch111 / Week 4

This week, we worked on Le Corbusier’s point of view from his popular book ”Towards a New Architecture” . After a long duration of research and examining reading, we tried to create a digital poster including keywords according to our interpretation. Then, here is a result !
I hope that it can be comprehensible.