INTERLOCKING / Final Project / Arch 101- Basics of Design

After a whole process, we did our modals according to our rules and also basics of merged/ dissolved planes. In terms of obtaining dissolved modals, we used cutting, extension, folding, alignment, and such. By using our rules which we designed, we got our final modals eventually. While jury members were evaluating us, we tried to express our ideas and also the methods which we followed.

Five Planes and Wire / Arch101

Say hello again and again to continuous wire !

Our aim were variation in generating and relating planes to get a composition by using copy, extend, extrude, fold, rotate, align.
I used geometrical proportions such as 1/4 1/2 or 2 , 4 because of I selected 12mm-square as a initial. Hierarchical and massive objects were also quite significant.

After that assignment, I realized that I fall in love to corrugated cardboard in 1mm thickness 😀


Black Square on White Background / Arch 101


Actually, this assignment was our first problem-solution study, also I thought that it was the most difficult one by now. Since we wasn’t aware of architectural necessities such as proportion, cause/effect, it was really complicated.
I used my layers as a equal in order to obtain balance. The reason why black and white areas are the same is that at first, I imagined yin-yang. Then, I intersected their one edge to demonstrate their relationships and integrity.

Sketch Problem: Three Planes


In this assignment, we had a started layer, sizes are given as a maximum. Then, we had three actions to generate two variations of this started plane: copy, extend and extrude. Above of all these objectives, I tried to place my layers by using proportion. I selected number 4 in order to obtain maximum square, then another layer which i used extrude is to generate cube. On the other hand, my extension’s length is 12 centimeters because of dividing 3 part as a 4 centimeters. Finally, I assembled all layers that they could be only perpendicular to each other.