Theme Proposal // Arch402

City Museum of Istanbul // do we have it?

Today, the city museums are a forum area in modern sense which belong to citizens.

Social history and urban history are now increasingly in the study area of ​​the city’s museums with all its elements.

Every theme of the city that concerns the human is entered into the work area of the city museums. Social history and Urban History are increasingly in the working area of the city museums with all its elements.

*questionable fame of city museum : Topçu Kışlası — Gezi Resistance — Istanbul City Museum

We learned from that the museum will be stuffed into a barracks in a replica by destroying the park / Topçu Kışlası

All this method and style, the content of the Istanbul City Museum and it will be presented after the realization of it naturally creates a concern for all of us.

-Architecture + Urbanism / collective memory, dynamism of Istanbul history at that period, finding cultural and architectural identitiy

-Imagination + Utopia / entegrating citizens and city museum under the concept of history of architectural evoluation 

-Entertainment + Visuality / range of user, high-tech


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KRIS YAO | ARTECH Wins Competition to Design New Taipei City Museum of Art

Taipei, Taiwan

meaningful and grand in historical, cultural and geographical features. The building will fuse the local landscape and cultural imagery with an architectural vision to form a new sustainable architectural work.

The characteristic exterior look of New Taipei Museum of Art is composed of vertical structural tubes of different heights.  This vertically linear elevation concept is derived from the blurry beauty of reeds calmly swaying in the wind, and is an expression of the visual illusions, which are unpredictable and ever-changing. Through the design of the new museum of art, the architect, Kris Yao, wishes to create a “place” that would be embraced by the people, and create future memories that can be shared by the citizens.