Erol Akyavaş Photographer // Galeri Nev

erol akyavaşAnkara has a special and quite unique guest as an exhibition during 4.12.15- 10.01.16, Galeri Nev. / Erol Akyavaş Photographer /
Akyavaş was born in İstanbul in 1932. He was a guest student at the Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu Studio at the İstanbul Academy of Fine Arts from 1950 to 1952.His works were also included in various group shows such as “New Acquisitions” at the Museum of Modern Art (1962), “Paintings from the Museum of Modern Art” at the National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. (1963), “Turkish Artists in New York” in New York (1970), 1st and 2nd İstanbul Biennials (1987,1989), “Parİstanbul” at the international Art Centre in Paris (1990). Even before studying architecture in Illinois, Akyavaş’ art strongly reflected his interest in this field, as he produced a series of abstract paintings referencing Islam, Sufism, miniatures and calligraphy. His works can be found in various prestigious institutions including the Museum of Modern Art in New York and Berlin and Stuttgart Art Museums as well as in numerous local and international private collections.
When they decided to archive and exhibit the photography of Erol Akyavaş, they were not aware of the excess of photos. Even more striking were the well organized slide carousels in which they were kept, the notes taken on negatives, cameras and lenses ordered from all around the world, and the seals specially made to authenticate them: “Akyavaş Photography”, “Erol Akyavaş Photography”, “Photo by Erol Akyavaş “ or more likely to “All Rights Reserved”
They were clear signs of how vital photography was to Akyavaş. He had set up a darkroom of his own even in their very first small apartment in New York. The thousands of frames he shot over the years to come set the tone and the course of both his thinking and his work. It was clear that his photography was nourishing his painting and his painting was flourishing through his photography.


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