Baykan GÜNAY // on Ataturk Boulevard and History of Ankara

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In recent weeks, our university had a special guest from Middle East Technical University / Department of City and Regional Planning, who is Baykan GÜNAY.

In his intriguing lecture, focused on urban design of Ankara, City’s historical texture, morphology of space, the process of reconstruction of the city, culture of urban design, Gestalt and his effects on urban design, space syntax and definition of road and city axis.

First of all, mentioned about morphology of space and its elements to exist. Space has considered relation between events and system for relations. Those explanations and interpretations are quite interesting since it has also relation between Gestalt which we’re familiar with first year studio. According to that critic, whole is different than the sum of its parts. Therefore, it directly relates the spatial arrangement and urban plans.

Also, it was exciting to be witness of history of city we live in. Thus, we examined the first city plans of Ankara after it become capital city of Turkey. The first development plan was designed by Carl Christoph Lörcher, he suggested to design management complex in Ankara. According to that idea, management buildings will foresee the new urban core spaces by regarding new political structure of Turkey. 


(Lörcher’s Plan on Ankara)

Moreover, Hermann Jansen was the other significant figure for urban planning of Ankara. He won the competition which was organized by Turkish Republic for new capital city. Developed the popular Jansen Plan which could not applied. However, important core points were indicated by considering Jansen Plan in future works on Ankara.


(Jansen’s Plan)

Finally, those feedback posts are so effective to reconsider and remember the notes recorded during the lecture.
You will be faced with it more!


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