Polis & Acropolis // Arch221

After choosing the part of ”Polis and Acropolis” from Spiro Kostof’s book, I tried to analyse and did research about these two concept. Greek architecture can be considered as the prominent style of its period. Besides reputation of it’s proportion, we can discuss and mention about notion of Polis and Acropolis.

Polis, literally means ‘city’ in Greek terminology. It can also mean citizenship and body of citizens. The ancient Greek city-state developed in Archaic period. The term of ”city-state” refers to oligarchy, which means ruled by bodies of citizens. In terms of understanding meaning of Polis thoroughly, Plato and Socrates mentioned about these two concept. Plato tried to analyse the structure of Polis. According to Plato, there are five main principles and economic classes of Polis, *producers *merchants *sailors *retail traders *wage earners. Socrates also tried to understand and analyse the economic structure of an ideal polis.

The basic elements of Polis :

-Greek urban planning and architecture



-Social classes and citizenship ( 4 types of dwellers ; slaves,political rights)



-Tamples, Altars


Additionaly, there are several words whic has polis as a suffix.
Such as,

Astropolis / Space station

Cosmopolis / which has many culture

Megalopolis / involving several cities

Metropolis / major city population center

Necropolis / Graveyard

Technopolis / A city which has high tech- industry

Acropolis / the upper part of a city

Pentapolis / A group of five cities

Persepolis / city of the Persians

Acropolis , means that building an area of elevated ground, chosen for purpose or defense. The word ”acropolis” literally means in Greek –upper city– The most famous example is the Acropolis of Athens, there were several famous buildings and temples erected on it such as Parthenon.

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