Monologue for So Far / Arch 121

After that all architectural experience in design studio, lectures about architectural communication and also history of art and architecture, we realize plenty of basic elements such as rhythm, balance, hierarchy etc. thanks to architectural terminology. Above of all these, the most significant point is transferring all basics to our projects.

Initially, before starting our final project, we started to define the term of ‘’rhythm’’ by visiting Doğan Printing and Copy Center then we observed machines’ harmony, relations and rhythm. At the same time, we have continued to our lecture Arch121, every different topic in that lecture demonstrate us how architects use rhythm for their works. Then, Ozgu Bulut’s workshop named Body Music contributed to our perceptions and imagination about rhythm. After these two main points, we tried to reflect our experience by using Styrofoam in own project. As you can see in the photos, this means that self-observations about rhythm, regularity and proportions of machines belonging to Copy Center. 

As a first, we worked on 2D constructions. We experienced to use regulating lines in other words grids in our models, and also using wire as a another regulating line.  This circumstances were taught us to take apart the whole and then, getting together again.  

 After a huge process, 3D models appeared. Even if it was a pretty much challenge step, we struggled to deal with structure qualities for their stability. Despite wooden sticks, intersections helped us. Additionally, Lectures of Sketch Problem is quite helpful in order to understand composition of 3D structures, arranging as a legible, using proportions, and workmanship. In Arch121, we realized these subject’s examples and it was the most supporter references so that I figured out all these elements in terms of using of proportions, hierarchy and balance between parts of structure.

 As a further step of all design projects, we achieved some basic rules finally and we created a model for prejury. Because of the fact that it consists of hierarchic connective elements, theme is called ‘’Clips’’.  Where the points of vertical and horizontal planes intersecting, I use more dominant structure for that point as a connective part. The thought is that dominant part brings about the theme or name of the project. As we can see the famous building’s name thanks to their legible qualifications like Falling Water House or Glass House. I thought that it should be most obvious property of that design. Moreover, we use 3 layers and also wire in our project and according to their relation between each other, we specify basic rules for our design in order to create more legible and regular structure. For instance I decided to apply a rule on folded cartridge paper as a less dominant.  Where the cartridge paper folding section, I fold my other two layers to the same direction.  Even if it is formed of the same rule, there are certain variations for this action.

After our prejury, I changed a couple of my rules. Even if every plane mean that there are sections, hatchings indicated these volumes as a dominant. After removing hatchings, I decided to focus on my other dominant elements, ‘’Interlocking’’. However, I had to add new rules as a proportional, then, I changed that model by using the same logic.  The most of the elements consist of the same approach since I used fold actions as a main rule.  Even if I have two different dimensions of interlocked parts, I get variations because I play their intervals between each other and also their directions. In particular area, I tried to use transparent layer by folding solid layers.  Additionally, due to the fact that folded L’s contribute to explanation in terms of hierarchy and transparent-solid balance, I used all of them as a contrast and dominant parts.

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