Adolf Loos, Ornament and Crime / Arch 121

This week, we examined an article about Ornament and Crime by Adolf Loos.  It was a challenging topic in 18th and 19th century and he was also pioneer of modern architecture. ”passion for smooth and precious surfaces”, this sentence can express clearly Loos’s point of view. When we look at the text, we can realize that there are plenty of radical judgement on whether ornament is crime or not.

He suggests that we should prefer to leave ornament and slant to pure aesthetic aspects, this case could be efficient for us in terms of time and money. For instance, if we compare 18th and 20th century’s people, the latter would rather more simple stuffs and that’s why he spend less money and could get aesthetic. However, people preferring to ornamented stuffs have to spent more money.

Moreover, we can consider a craftsman. While they produce ornamented stuffs, they spend more time to get more detailed works compared to generating simple stuffs.

He also suggested that every era should create their own architecture. Thus, if you live in a modern era, traditional architecture is named ”crime”. I totally agree with the first sentence because of reflection. When we look at structures, we should realize it’s period, I think that. Additionally, in terms of Loos’s radical thoughts, I consider that we can create pure and at the same time aesthetic structures, that’s why ornament can be unnecessary part. Some people can prefer to ornamented things but i think that it shouldn’t be crime.

One more thing 🙂
I decided that it’s all about personality. For instance I like tattoo’s and therefore I don’t agree with Loos’s ideas about  tattoo is only for prisoner. However, Even if Loos has a lots of radical thoughts, I agree with most of it such as simplicity, pure forms, wasting time and money.

Here, there are pretty much examples of Loos’s works.


(American Bar, Adolf Loos, Wien)


(Moller House, Adolf Loos)

Even his grave include pure form.


References :

Loos, Adolf. “Ornament and Crime” in: Conrads, Ulrich (ed.) Programs and Manifestoes on 20th Century Architecture, The MIT Press, 1975.

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