Combining Different Aspects / Arch121

During last 4 week, we have learnt plenty of topic about rhythmical spatial qualities by, 

+ Unwin, S. “Space and Structure”, Analysing Architecture, London and New York: Routledge, 1997. pp. 129-137.

+Jormakka, Kari. “Music and Mathematics as Models” . Basics Design Methods. Basel: Birkhauser, 2007 . pp. 20-32.

+Le Corbusier. “Regulating Lines” . Towards a New Architecture. New York: Dover Publication , 1986 (originally 1931). pp. 65-88.

+Dogan Copy and Printing Center ( observing regularity and continuity of objects)

+ Ozgu Bulut’s lecture about body music 

When we consider all of them,  we realized that all point of views have a started point, ”rhythm”. All these architects tried to explain their ideas surrounding a rhythm or creating harmony. According to Le Corbusier, this notion is defined as a regulating lines or geometrical orders. Additionally, Jormakka gives lots of example by using musical balance in structures and also coherence between both. Simon Unwin thinks that geometrical order may be the most necessary part in order to create harmony for space. He also focused on intimate relationship between space and structure, for instance columns and roof regularly across. It resembles Le Corbusier’s Dom-ino which related to structural geometry by using columns supporting horizontal platforms. 

Moreover, when we observe Dogan Copy Center’s process, we can pick out the same regularity, coherence, continuity. Duration of printing, folding also inserting have a harmony between each other, in other words ”rhythm” . 

Finally, if we try to summarize what we learned, we can exemplify Ozgu Bulut’s workshop. Initially, we created different sound by using our body then we tried to bring all of them together. When we examine our workshop videos, we can clearly realized that we created a kind of unity, harmony or rhythm. For instance, while we were creating sound, we started to use our right hands then finished our left feet. We defined this situation as a continuity. Also, we could see the same example in Simon Unwin‘s Ancient Greek Architecture example. When Greeks built amphitheatre, they used the same technique in terms of continuity, regularity and, uninterrupted space like seen photographs.


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