Two Aspects, Different Architects / Week 5 / Arch 121

In that week, we tried to focus on Le Corbusier’s and also Kari Jormakka’s point of view about Regulating Lines and, Music and Mathematics as Models. When I started to read both texts, I did a little bit research then I thought that our topic has plenty of example which has related to our surroundings. In order that lots of structures are built according to geometrical proportions and also instincts, we have great amount of examples. By considering and comparing Corbusier’s and Jormakka’s views, we can understand clearly both ideas.

Initially, both of architects realized that rhythm was the one of the necessary element due to get together all parts on the same unifying and also express as a sense of coherence. Moreover, Le Corbusier expressed their ideas by defining Regulating Lines which means using proportions of geometry in building giving a harmony and order. According to him, this mathematical proportions or ”Regulating Lines” makes structures to rectify and correct, or in other words, it is a satisfactory of a spiritual order. On the other hand, Kari Jormakka pointed out his ideas by giving an example of musical rhythm. He considers turning musical ideas into a something visual. By this means, he tried to demonstrate effects of musical instinct on the buildings and this situation could be inspiration for the architects like the example of ”Luxorgan”


(Images by Norman Crowe in Nature and the Idea of a Man-Made World, courtesy of MIT Press , for Regulating Lines)


( a Sketch about Luxorgan)


After the both interpretations, we can say that these architects’ aim is a similar. So that they want to organize and regulate these because of obtaining sense of coherence, they claimed similar aspects.

Le Corbusier. “Regulating Lines”. Towards a New Architecture. New York: Dover Publication, 1986 (originally 1931). pp. 65-88.

Jormakka, Kari. “Music and Mathematics as Models”. Basics Design Methods. Basel: Birkhauser, 2007. pp. 20-32.

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