Arch 121 / Week 2 / Frank Lloyd Wright

This week, we analyzed a reading about introducing architectural theory including an amazing architect Frank Lloyd Wright! Although I have already be informed about F.L. Wright, I considered that I had the opportunity to examine this text as a detailed. First of all, because Wright is known as the best architect of American history, I started to read excitedly. I think that the most interesting notion which belongs to Wright is Organic Architecture. As Wright assumes that designing structures should be harmonious between humanity and structure, that’s why his new formal and structural attitude is called Organic architecture. Organic architecture not only addresses environmental concerns but also express individual point of views.

Moreover,  Even if plenty of modernist or post-functionalist argue about relation between form and function such as Eisenman claims that functionalism is a cultural concept or Richard Hill mentions hierarchy among purpose, function and use, the only sure thing we can say that these concepts are subjective as well as not clear.

According to Wright, continuity is aesthetic sense and also structural elements like walls or doors shouldn’t be partly of each other but part of each other. Additionally, ”continuity covers form + function ” may help to express the definition. And here, you can see the best examples of continuity / Guggenheim Museum in NYC (pic2, pic3)


Finally,  when I looked at Wright’s interior designs, I realized that outside and inside have a strong relationship as Wright mentioned like ”Outside may come inside.” or ”Enclosed space may be reality of building”
We can see a great interior designs belonging to Wright. ( Pic 4, Pic 5, Pic 6)
And I think that those structure are reputable proves this idea’s accuracy.


(Pic 4)


(pic5, falling water’s interior)


(pic6, classic home in Chiccago)


Wright, F. L. “Excerpts from: An American Architecture”, in: Smith, K. (ed.) Introducing Architectural Theory, New York and London: Routledge, 2012, pp. 184-188 )

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