Arch471 // Visual Culture



“Space is not a scientific object removed from ideology or politics. It has always been political and strategic. There is an ideology of space. Because space, which seems homogeneous, which appears as a whole in its objectivity, in its pure form, such as we determine it, is a social product.”

― Henri Lefebvre

This collage is related to our site and my approach. In our zone, especially in Çukurambar, we generally use the site in order to reach the spesific building such as Next Level or Armada. We use some road, wasting a time in one building and left it.

The diagonal relations are so low, the one with using Armada generally not pass the YDA or Next Level. Actually, this is a general attitude in that zone. This situation also brings about lots of issue such as security, lack of relations of structure. The site consist of lots of  shopping mall, therefore especially in the night security issue appears because people left the area due to closing malls.

401 | Emsalsiz _ 3rd Pre-Jury


Hello again!

As we learned from the site, diagonal relations of buildings are so low in terms of pedestrian connection. For instance, if you want to visit Next Level as pedestrian it is too hard to pass Armada or YDA // Sapphire. Therefore, I tried to connect a large area by pedestrian path. This path will be connecting subway to gather people and distribute especially under the path.

I imagine a large social zone under these path axis play with their opacity / transparency. This path could may strengthen the diagonal relations among building and visitors in both horizontal and vertical axis.

Subsequent to 3rd prejury, we underlined the lack of  diagonal relations in our zone. Thus, path may be broken in some cases by regarding references of site. Additionaly, some parts of path where pedestrian could use it should be clear in all area.